Kenya Electronic Market Trends Report (January 2017)

Online shopping is a consumer trend that is taking not just Kenya but the world by storm. In 2016, Our Electronic Market Trends Report gives exhaustive analytics on what was going on in the Kenyan Electronic market. Below is an update that includes content from January. To receive our 2016 Electronic Market Trends Report kindly […]

Mar 02, 2017

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Battle of Brands: Lenovo vs Apple in Kenya (Laptops)

Apple and Lenovo account for 22.1% of the laptops by stock value in the Kenyan Market. Consumers in Kenya  demand more Lenovo than Apple laptops, 70% of the time, during the year 2016. We noticed that the brand popularity of Apple surges on, Q4-2016, due to the release of MacBook Pro in October 2016. In […]

Mar 01, 2017

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Battle of Brands: Huawei vs Samsung (Tablets) in Kenya

Samsung and Huawei account for 39.9% of the tablet market by stock value in Kenya. The second half of the year 2016 demonstrated a clear preference of electronic dealers in Kenya for Samsung tablets against Huawei, despite a close competition during the first half. When we look at the middle market, Ksh. 10-20k price segment, […]

Feb 22, 2017

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Battle of Brands Kenya: Nikon vs Canon

Nikon and Canon are currently the leading brands worldwide in the digital camera business. In Kenya, the two brands account for 75.2% of the market in stock value. During the year 2016, Nikon stock value has topped for the greater part of the year, maintaining the distance with the main rival, Canon. On the demand […]

Feb 16, 2017

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Battle of the Brands, Kenya: GLD vs Sayonna

The HiFi market in Kenya has been dominated by superior brands such as LG and SONY. Behind this high-end market, a cost friendly products battle ground has emerged, allowing new entrants to compete in the Kenyan market. GLD and SAYONA are two new brands seeking to penetrate the under KSh 10,000 segment, but the two […]

Feb 08, 2017

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