East Africa Job Market Trends.

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have somewhat similar economies. When it comes to job creation we notice similar trends in the three countries. According to an East Africa Job market report by Data Fintech, in September 2017, Kenya created the highest number of Jobs. 1, 191 Jobs were created, a 22.20% drop from August 2017 where […]

Oct 12, 2017

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Kilimani prime for both Commercial and Residential Property Investors.

Kilimani area seems to be getting its flair back. In 2016, Cytonn reported Kilimani to be a prime area for developers looking to develop residential property. A year later, tables have turned and we have seen more developers looking to develop commercial property in the area. Most recently Cytonn announced the construction of Cytonn Towers, […]

Oct 11, 2017

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Kitisuru beats Karen as best Investment choice in Residential Property.

Daily Nation published an article in September 2017, exploring the use of technology in the Kenyan Real estate market. According to Daily Nation, while the world is moving forward in using technology in real estate to communicate research and make informed investment decisions; the Kenyan real estate market, is not moving as fast. The article […]

Oct 05, 2017

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Real Estate Investment Forecast_Q4 2017: Ongata Rongai

In Quarter 2, we highlighted the growth of property in Ongata Rongai. Land in the area guaranteed investors a ROI, with the value of land surging by 19%  from 14 Million in June 2016 to 16.7 Million in June 2017. Below is the Quarter 4 2017, Investment’s forecast highlighting performance of land and 3 bedroom […]

Sep 28, 2017

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Kenya Job Market Prediction: Strategy & Consulting

In the last Kenya Job Market report, we saw Strategic and Consulting jobs rise in the Kenyan marketplace with an average of 45 Jobs created per month between January and August 2017. There also saw the median salaries increase from 7.93% to Ksh. 147,732. This simply proves that the organizations and employees are moving away […]

Sep 27, 2017

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