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East Africa Job Market Report_Oct 2017 Update.

Over the last few months Kenya’s softening economy has put thousands of jobs in corporate Kenya on the line. Political uncertainty coupled with the slowdown in credit growth and a biting drought earlier in the year caused a decrease in net earnings for companies as well slow expansion in National wealth. Firms sought to reduce […]

Nov 23, 2017

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Kenya Residential Property to Recover in 2018: Runda

The Kenyan Real Estate Sector like many others was affected by Kenya’s political environment during the last general elections between August and October 2017. Cytonn reported the residential market as the worst affected real estate sector which slowed down by 3.2 percentage points due to dwindling demand as investors decided to hold on to their […]

Nov 15, 2017

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There Is hope For Real Estate Investors Despite Political Uncertainty

The Kenya Bankers Association Real Estate report released on Friday 1st November reported house prices in Kenya hitting a three year low. KBA Housing Price Index, which tracks the sector’s dynamics and price movements every quarter since 2015, showed that prices in the country barely rose in the three months to end of September, going […]

Nov 09, 2017

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Why you should Invest in Imara Daima despite Election Uncertainty.

Elections can change a country’s economy, especially during the post-election due to the possibility of political instability, government policies and even changes in investor’s confidence. The whirlwind of events that Kenya has gone through since August 2017 has not necessarily had the best impact on investors especially in the real estate market. Most investors have […]

Nov 08, 2017

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Job Prediction: Marketing, PR and Communication Jobs Salaries To Rise in Nigeria.

Marketing Jobs are paying well in Nigeria according to Data Fintech’s Job Prediction Report. 8% of all Marketing Pr and Communication Jobs created were intermediate level jobs. According to the report the   median salary for intermediate Jobs is currently N 330,000. In October 2017, the median salary is expected to dip by 5.27% to reach […]

Nov 01, 2017

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