Kenya’s informal small business: Weapon of Mass Development

Kenya has the highest informal sector among countries in Africa. The informal sector contributes to about 77.9% of the total jobs in Kenya. The formal sector is not able to absorb the increased tide of job seekers and such, the informal sector usually drives job creation inKenya. According to an economic survey carried out in […]

Nov 23, 2016

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Trumping Customer’s Data for your Business

70,000,000 million photos are shared on Instagram. 400,000,000 on Facebook.  760,000,000 on Snapchat and 700,000,000 million on Whatsapp. Did I mention this was daily? All this is data. Each of these photos are shared by consumers and businesses. Each of these photos give a bit of information on the business or on the consumer themselves. […]

Nov 09, 2016

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Online Marketplace, Weapon of Mass Data.

Online Marketplaces are the new market maker of this digital economy through. The use of data in Online Marketplace’s is becoming a need and not an option anymore. According to McKinsey retailers utilizing data analytics have experienced a 60% growth in their business margins. Using data analytics in the Online Marketplace is a smarter and […]

Nov 02, 2016

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Data in Marketing and Branding with Francis Nzokia

Last week, we had the pleasure to interview our guest blogger, Mr Francis Karugah from Scanad. Francis highlighted the importance of data in all marketing activities. This week we have the chance to have a chat with Mr. Fredrick Nzioki. Fredrick is a marketing consultant. He has been the brand manager for Tusker, Mumias, and […]

Oct 26, 2016

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Use of Data In Marketing with Francis Karugah, Business Unit Head, Scanad

Data Fintech over the last couple of weeks has tried to educate and show businesses, small and large, the importance of using Data to run their business activities. We have illustrated this through roleplay, the story of Roy and Laila. However, I believe it is best to hear the importance of data from an expert, […]

Oct 19, 2016

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