Restaurant And Accommodation Sector perfomance in Kilimani, Kenya

In the last two years, Kenya has experience a rising middle class and an increase in consumer purchasing power. This can be evidenced by the increase of shopping malls. Furthermore, multimillion dollar international franchises such as Pizza Hut, Big square, KFC and subway have all opened new branches.  Kenya’s own Java coffee house has over […]

Jan 10, 2017

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Battle of Brands: HIFI Systems in Kenya (LG-vs-Sony)

It is no secret! We love good sound in Kenya and are always looking for best Hi-Fi Systems. It’s also no secret that our preferred brands are LG, Sony, Samsung and Hotpoint. This week our battle of brands  is looking at two Hi-Fi heavyweights players in the Kenyan market: LG and Sony. The insights below […]

Dec 21, 2016

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Data Fintech Kenya, Draft Day Review and Results

The use of data in businesses is growing rapidly in Kenya. As such, businesses in Kenya are trying to extract potential from the gold mine they have to help them grow. This would mean gathering, analyzing and interpreting data. That is where Data Fintech, a pioneer consumer data broker in Kenya steps in. With a […]

Dec 19, 2016

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Battle of Brands: LG & HISENSE in Kenya

The television scene in Kenya has been dominated by certain popular brands for the last couple of years. Today, Data Fintech reveals the two brands involved in the battle for domination of the TV market in Kenya: LG and Hisense. Data Fintech is a pioneer consumer data broker in Kenya. The exclusive analysis below has […]

Dec 14, 2016

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Battle of the Brands: Samsung vs HTC in the Kenyan Market

The Kenyan Mobile phone scene has been dominated by Samsung for the last couple of years. However, new players in the market, offering quality at cost-friendly prices have come up and increased competition in Kenya. HTC is one of them. Today our battle of the brands looks at the performance of Samsung and HTC, in […]

Dec 02, 2016

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